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Blood Spatter Analysis and

Crime Scene Reconstruction

Expert witness consultation for Attorney’s and Law Enforcement Agencies: Any crime scene where
blood is shed should be evaluated by an expert. In preparation for court, Mr. Coffey will review all
evidence gathered and review any evaluations or forensic conclusions on the evidence to determine if it
is consistent with what the evidence shows. The finding will be recorded in an official report and expert
testimony may be rendered on the finding.

Mr. Coffey has been a Blood Spatter Expert for over 35 years and has testified in criminal cases involving
Blood Spatter Interpretation in over 25 cases. He has testified and qualified as an expert in Federal
Court in the Western District of Kentucky; Superior Courts in Georgia; Alabama; Tennessee; and Indiana;
and he has testified in Courts Martials for the US Army. Mr. Coffey has developed a blood spatter
interpretation course for the US Army Military Police School and the US Army Criminal Investigation

Mr. Coffey is also an expert in Crime Scene Reconstruction and collection of crime scene evidence. He
has testified as an expert in these areas in Superior Courts in Georgia; Alabama; and Tennessee; as well
as US. Army Courts Martials. Mr. Coffey Co-authored the US Army Criminal Investigation’s Crime Scene
Processing Handbook, which was mandated by Congress.

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