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Serving the entire state of Georgia!

Mr. Patrick E. Coffey

Patrick E. Coffey is an experienced Polygraph and Forensic service provider who serves a large number of Police Departments and individuals in the Metro Atlanta Area. With services such as pre-employment screening, suspect interviewing, specific issue and private testing,  clearing the wrongfully accused, sex offender testing and more Patrick E. Coffey can supply you with unbiased and accurate results.

Mr. Coffey's credentials and experience include serving as an Accredited Special Agent with the US Army Criminal Investigation Command where he worked as a general crimes investigator conducting felony investigations. This included interviews and interrogations of witnesses and suspects, collection and preservation of crime scene evidence, crime scene photography, planning, coordinating and executing undercover operations, drug operations, and directing high risk building entries for felony arrests.

As a major crime scene coordinator he also supervised major investigations such as mass murders and other disasters. As a Support Agent for protective service missions, he provided executive protection for the Secretary of Defense, the Under Secretary of Defense, the Army's Chief of Staff and many other dignitaries.  

Mr. Coffey provides services in Blood Spatter Interpretation and Crime Scene Reconstruction.  See Other Forensic Services page.

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